Posting an ad for your donation

Posting an ad on GEEV is a piece of cake!

How do I create an ad on GEEV?

On Android On iOS
  1. Start by clicking on "Create" in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Select "Donation" from the first step. 
  3. Choose one or more photos of the object that you'd like to donate. You can use your camera or the camera roll on your phone.
  4. Choose a category and state for your object. We have 18 different categories to choose from.
    Then add a short title and description of your object (colour, size, unique characteristics).



    GEEV is intended for giving objects a second life, not becoming a dump.

  5. Indicate where the object is located by using the map or by inputting an exact address.
    IMPORTANT :Your address will never be shared with other Geevers. We will show a random point in a 600 meter radius of the address you provide or the point on the map that you've chosen.
  6. Submit your ad by clicking "send".


A little patience goes a long way 😁

Each ad is checked by a real person. Our team works hard to get them validated as quickly as possible.

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