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How do I get stuff that I'm interested in?

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  1. When you see something you like from the list of ads, click on it. Once you're in the ad, all you have to do is click "Contact this GEEVER".
  2. It'll cost you one banana to let them know that you're interested. Go here for more on bananas.
  3. You're now in the chat with the donor. Let them know you're interested in their object and set up a meeting time to pick it up.



In order to limit notifications, the GEEVER who's giving away the object can only see messages from 4 different GEEVERS at a time. The others are placed on a waiting list and will be seen if the GEEVER doesn't find a taker in the first 4.

It is equally possible that the donor will not see your request and will never respond to you. Feel free to try your luck with another object!


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