Points and levels on GEEV

When you open GEEV, you'll start off as a Baby Geever with 200 points thanks to the "First Visit" badge. Think of it as the beginning of your epic journey to becoming God of all Geevers!

In this section, you'll get the 411 on our points and levels 😉

What are points?

When you create your account, you'll get one banana to start and 200 points for your first visit.

Each time you complete an action on GEEV, such as donating or adopting an object, letting others know about something you find on the street, or referring a friend, you'll accumulate points and increase your level.

Here's GEEV's points scale

  • One donation = 500 points
  • One adoption = 25 points + 5 points for every star you receive on our rating form (100 points max)
  • One abandoned item reported = 50 points
  • A referral = 250 points for the person who made the referral
For example, if you donate a microwave and 1, 5 or 10 people contact you about it, your points will be total of 500 points.
If you rate the person who took in the microwave 5 stars on each of our rating scales, they'll get 25 points for adopting the object. 15 (stars)*5 pints for their score, for a total of 100 points.

What are levels?

Levels correspond to your overall progression on GEEV.
As you accumulate points, your level will go up.

There are 8 levels on GEEV:

  • Baby Geever
  • Little Geever (after getting 500 points)
  • Teen Geever (after getting 2000 points)
  • Adult Geever (after getting 5000 points)
  • Strong Geever (after getting 10 000 points)
  • Super Geever (after getting 25 000 points)
  • King of all Geevers (after getting 50 000 points)
  • God of all Geevers (after getting 100 000 points)

The higher your level, the more bananas you'll get, with 10 being the maximum when you reach God status!

You have access to your level and points at all times on GEEV.

Where can I see my level and points?  

On Android On iOS
  1. Click on the level banner from your profile!
  2. The gauge represents your level. The number of points you need to level up is also displayed there.
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