A central element to GEEV, our banana system helps keep things fair on our platform.

What are bananas for?

Bananas allow you to pick up an object:

  • You'll use a banana when you contact a person about their donation.
  • You'll use a banana when you want to unlock the address of an item found on the street.


Bananas take 9 hours to recharge after each use (or 3 hours with GEEV Plus)

They give everyone an equal opportunity to get stuff:

  • Having a limited number of bananas ensures that people focus on donations that they really need.
  • The more a Geever gives objects, the more levels they'll win. And as they progress through the app, they'll earn more bananas on a regular basis.

What's the maximum number of bananas I can have? 

When you begin your adventure with GEEV, we'll give you one banana. Every time you level up, you'll win extra bananas until you attain God status. Gods of all Geevers get 10 rechargeable bananas

Where can I see how many bananas I have?

On Android On iOS
  1. Take a peek at the number next to the banana in your list of offers.
  2. When you click on it, you'll see how many you have and a counter. It shows when you'll get your next banana.


Can I increase this number?

If you find yourself bananaless and you're super interested in a certain object, you can purchase bonus bananas for one-time use.

On Android On iOS
  1. Click "Get bonus bananas" from your banana counter.
  2. Choose the pack you'd like to buy.



  • It's impossible to have more than 10 rechargeable bananas. The bananas that you purchase are for one-time use and will not make your stockpile bigger.
  • If you have rechargeable and purchased bananas on your account, the rechargeable ones will be used first.
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