Say goodbye to recharging bananas!

We heard your feedback and are happy to announce that we've finally found a simpler, more flexible system to reward each donation.

Starting on August 20, we are giving GEEV's banana system an overhaul! Rather than recharging your bananas, you will now have a stockpile for one time use.

Summary : 

What's changing in a nutshell?

Starting today, your bananas will no longer recharge. They will now be for one time use.

"But what happens if I have no more bananas and want to contact a Geever? How do I get more bananas?"

It's as easy as 1-2-3! Here's what you can do: 

  1. Get more bananas

You have many options to get more bananas:

  • When you sign up for GEEV, you'll get 3 bananas
  • Each time you give away an item, you'll get 2 bananas
  • A GEEV Plus membership will give you 30 bananas per month
  • You can purchase banana packs directly in the store

Whether you have 1, 5, 10 or 100, all bananas are cumulative and you can use them whenever you want!

  1. Contact another Geever

Bananas are not the only way to contact another Geever.
You can also choose to watch a short advertisement to unlock an ad for a donation or for food.


Bonus: it helps support the team at GEEV and the platform's development😉

The old rechargable bananas

We know that this is a big change.
Many of you have levelled up since GEEV launched and consequently increased your stockpile of rechargeable bananas.

The new rules apply to everyone, however you won't be starting from scratch if you have completed donations on our platform. You will receive a number of bananas based on your donation history.

If you have completed 100 donations, you will receive one banana per donation. After 100, we will credit you with 25 bananas for every 100 donations made.

Let's break it down by numbers:

  • 1 banana per donation for the first 100 donations
  • 100 donations or more = 100 bananas
  • 200 donations or more = 125 bananas
  • 300 donations or more = 150 bananas
  • 400 donations or more = 175 bananas
  • 500 donations or more = 200 bananas
  • 600 donations or more = 225 bananas
  • 700 donations or more = 250 bananas
  • 800 donations or more = 275 bananas
  • 900 donations or more = 300 bananas
  • 1000 donations or more = 350 bananas


You can get as many bananas as you wish. The counter will stop at 99+ on the main page, but if you surpass 100 bananas you can continue to grow your stockpile. You'll be able to see them on the banana screen!

There is no expiration date for bananas, so you can accumulate them to use at specific moments in time, like when you move, or use them right away.

This new rule applies to all Geevers, new and old.

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