One of the awesome GEEV Plus features is our level gauge!

How does it work?

The gauge is automatically activated when you subscribe to GEEV Plus; you'll see it every time you click on an ad!

You'll find it in the top right corner of your screen.

It has four levels:

  1. Green gauge - You're one of the first 4 people to contact the Geever and won't be on the waitlist.
  2. Yellow Gauge - You're between 4th and 10th in line for this item, if you contact the Geever. There's a chance that they'll see your message.
  3. Red Gauge - There are 10 or more people ahead of you for this item. If you contact this Geever, they may not see your message.

  4. Grey Gauge - You don't have GEEV Plus.



The gauge is purely indicative and does not guarantee that you'll get an object. Each Geever is different, so you can totally get an item even if you're 20th in line for it!

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