As of January 9 2019, GEEV's scale is evolving!

Equity, balance and simplicity motivated us to revise the levels and points systems on GEEV.

What's changing?

Pretty much everything!

Points are disappearing from GEEV completely to make room for a scale that is much easier to understand.

We still have 8 levels on GEEV: 

  • Baby Geever (the first time you open the app)
  • Little Geever (2 donations)
  • Teen Geever (10 donations)
  • Adult Geever (25 donations)
  • Strong Geever (50 donations)
  • Super Geever (100 donations)
  • King of all Geevers (500 donations)
  • God of all Geevers (1000 donations)

What counts the most on GEEV is the number of donations you make!

Past and future adoptions are not taken into account with our new scale.

Why do I have fewer bananas?

Many Geevers have maintained the same level with this change.

However, because it's important that everyone is treated equally, we recalculated all of the levels so they correspond to the new scale.

In addition, your level now corresponds to the number of donations that you have completed! Your stockpile of bananas has thus been updated accordingly.

What about referrals, items found on the street and badges?

Every action you take on GEEV is still important: 

  • You'll still be rewarded for referring your friends. 10 referrals = 1 donation.
  • Our badges will be reviewed and revamped in the coming weeks
  • You will soon receive badges for items that you signal on the street

The new scale is the first step in our revamp of the levels and points on GEEV.

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