Post an ad for a food donation

Posting an ad for a food donation to GEEV is quick and easy.

How do I create an ad for food I want to donate on GEEV?

On Android On iOS On Computer
  1. Start by clicking "Create" in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose "Food", then "Donation". Enter all of the relevant information about your food item.


    You cannot donate expired food items on GEEV and you must mention the expiry date in the ad creation form. To learn more about what foods are allowed and not allowed on GEEV, go here.

A little patience please 😉

Each ad for a food item is manually validated, just like all of the objects on GEEV. So, your ad will be reviewed by our team and published as soon as possible.

Your ad will automatically be deleted once the expiry date has passed.

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